London's Early Music Rooms

Early music is widely regarded to include all music, from the earliest times up to the Baroque. However, today it is often understood to include “any music for which a historically appropriate style of performance must be reconstructed on the basis of surviving scores, treatises, instruments and other contemporary evidence.”

The proposed performance venue will provide two concert halls for different types of performances. Furthermore, the concept foresees the combination of a research facility and the dedicated performance venue. Thus the complex will provide the opportunity to not only attend a the polished performance but also grant an insight into the effort involved in preparing it.

The design of the space aims to significantly support the authenticity of the experience of attending an early music performance. This was informed by research into the origins and historic development of performance venues.

For more details about the proposal and initial research please don't hesitate to contact me.

Masters Thesis at the Technical University Munich

Professor Florian Nagler