WDR Filmhaus

The WDR Filmhaus in Cologne is to be completely refurbished and redesigned to create a modern media centre. 24 architectural practices took part in the invited, international design competition. Communication and networking are the central themes of the design proposal.

The design offers a new working environment that allows a highly connected and interdisciplinary workflow. Furthermore the openness and transparency of the facade allows the building to become a symbol for the values of free-speach and social responsibility for the WDR Media Group.

In addition to horizontal openness on each floor, the introduction of the 'loop' - a series of open flights of stairs - allows for vertical connectivity, transforming the building into a single workscape. On each floor the staircase is surrounded by social spaces and informal workplaces, thus encouraging cross-media communication.

2. Prize (no 1. Prize was awarded)

Cologne, Germany

My role: designer for HENN GmbH