Großmarkthalle München

Munich's wholesale market is due to be modernised and redeveloped in the coming years to future proof the the facilities functionality for a scheduled overall of EU food hygiene standards.

As the wholesale market is one of Europes largest and also a vital link between southern and central Europe the redevelopment of the site cannot disrupt the markets functionality.

Furthermore, the sites location in the heart of Munich presents a particular challenge. The market is to be housed in a single building to ensure the cooling chain is not interrupted at any point. This results in a building approximately 500m long and 90m wide - a clear jump in scale from the urban residential area on the sites western side.

The design proposal suggests that the buildings facade is realised in brick - a material which is primarily used for public buildings in Munich. The warm and tactile materiality is intended to soften threshold between the industrial and residential areas. The long west elevation is broken down into smaller, urban scale sections through the 'brackets'. These also house the necessary technical infrastructure and provide a legible oganisational principle for both the interior and exterior. Furthermore the modular system allows for the building to be realised in the necessary 7 phases.

Munich, Germany

My role: designer for HENN GmbH

2014 - 2015